In Memoriam

Detective Larry Jack Stevens

October 21st, 1947 - February 9th, 1973

Detective Stevens had been employed as an officer for the City of Lubbock for eight years, four of those years as a detective. Detective Stevens was on duty at the time of his death. Detective Stevens was killed in the afternoon of February 9th, 1973. Detective Stevens had gone to a local motel to attempt to question a suspect believed to be a parole violator. Detective Stevens, according to witnesses, had stopped James Emanus outside the motel on the sidewalk and had identified himself as a police officer to Emanus. The suspect pushed Detective Stevens away and pulled out a gun and shot at Detective Stevens four times while running away. Detective Stevens managed to return fire and struck Emanus twice. Emanus shot Detective Stevens once in the chest.

Detective Stevens was transported to West Texas Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. James Emanus was charged with the murder of Detective Stevens.