In Memoriam

Officer Julio Herrera

May 1st, 1890 - July 19th, 1947

Officer Herrera had worked as a Special Officer for the City of Lubbock for 5 years, in the predominately Hispanic part of Lubbock. Officer Herrera was killed on the night of July 19th 1947. While talking with a subject he had arrested earlier that night, another subject, Robert Bustillos ( a bootlegger ) slipped up behind him and took his pistol away from him. A scuffle ensued and Bustillos shot Officer Herrera four times, Bustillos then stabbed Officer Herrera three times, once through the heart. Officer Herrera died on arrival at Lubbock Memorial Hospital. Officer Herrera managed to take the gun away from Bustillos after being shot, but he was too weak to return fire by that time. This occurred on the street in front of Officer Herrera's home. Bustillos was arrested later that night and charged in the murder of Officer Herrera.

Officer Herrera had rendered a valuable service to the Department in several investigations involving residents of Lubbock. He also served as an interpreter for the Department.