In Memoriam

Sergeant Kenneth (K.D.) Fowler

December 11th, 1932 - June 18th, 1992

Sgt. K.D. Fowler had been employed as an officer for the City of Lubbock for thirty-six years at the time of his death. Sgt. Fowler was killed on the morning of June 18th, 1992 in an ambush while investigating the fatal shooting of a mental health worker outside a local apartment complex. Sgt. Fowler was kneeling over the body of the mental health worker, James E. Haliburton Jr., when the suspect, James Kevin Voyles, a mental patient, opened the door of his apartment and shot several times at Sgt. Fowler. Sgt. Fowler was hit several times, once in the head and several times in the upper part of his body. SWAT was activated to help retrieve Sgt. Fowler and captured the suspect several hours after the shooting. The suspect was charged in the fatal shootings of both James E. Haliburton Jr. and Sgt. Kenneth D. Fowler.

Sgt. Fowler was transported to University Medical Center and was pronounced dead on arrival.